Assistant Instructor
After the level of Divemaster, is possible to get access to the level of ISDA Assistant Instructor who will deepen and increase the knowledge and the capacities for the training of the students, and gives a more valid help to the ISDA Instructor in the performing the courses itself.
The course
The ISDA Assistant Instructors is allowed to assist an instructor during the courses and lead the students in some training lessons. Could also lead in total autonomy and certify specifics course and programs.


Certification Prerequisites
  • - 18 years old;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - Divemaster certification.
Course program
  • - 3 academic sessions;
  • - 1 practical session;
  • - final examination.
What you'll get
  • - Conduzione delle sessioni di teoria e delle esercitazioni pratiche di superficie dei corsi OWD e Advanced OWD.;
  • - Conduzione in autonomia di programmi e corsi specifici.
What's next?
Join the Instructor Training course.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.