Instructor Trainer

Instructor trainer
The Instructor Trainer is the higher rank professional level in ISDA.
He is a professional who represent the training agency, authorized to the formation and training of Instructors and their didactic progress.

He's authorized to perform Instructor courses in total autonomy by taking the students to the Instructor’s exams which will be led by an ISDA Evaluator.
Trainer TCC
Some ISDA Instructors have obtained a specific training to the evaluation of the Instructor students. The Trainer Crossover Controller are authorized to evaluate in total autonomy the Instructor Crossover courses, following specific standards of the course specifically elaborated for who has already a professional diving experiences. Trainer TCC ISDA must follow periodical updating seminars to maintain valid the authority to lead ISDA Crossover Instructors; it therefore necessary to contact ISDA, if you are interested in this course, to know the TCC authorized as of today.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.