Scuba Diver
The Scuba Diver represents your first real step in the underwater world. It is the first level that issues a patent and is ideal for those who have a few days available or just want to "taste" the world of diving.
The course
It consists on the first part of the Open Water Diver course (the textbook that your ISDA Instructor will give you is that of Open Water). It will therefore be possible, even later, to continue the lessons and acquire the Open Water Diver patent quickly and easily.

Like all certifications issued by ISDA, the Scuba Diver has international validity, both with plastic and digital cards. It allows you to dive down to a depth of -12m, together with a Divemaster or higher.


Junior Scuba Diver can be done from 12 years of age, while to get the Scuba Diver certification it is necessary to be over 15 years old. Remember that the Scuba Diver certification card, like all ISDA cards, is available for free in digital version. You will receive it by email and you can also, at any time, view it directly on the ISDA website; you might also download it and keep it always with you. This way you never have to give up an adventure, even if you forgot your plastic card at home!


Certification Prerequisites
  • - 12 years old for Junior Scuba Diver, 15 years old for Scuba Diver
  • - medical certificate
  • - if under 18, parent's approval
Course program
  • - 4 theory sessions
  • - 3 pool sessions
  • - 2 open water sessions
What you'll get
International certification card allowing you to dive up to a depth of -12mt with a Divemaster
What's next?
With just a few lessons you can get your Open Water Diver certificate and become an autonomous diver.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.