ISDA offers a personalized approach to scuba diving, which adapts to the different needs of each one, including yours.

There are those who take a diving course because they always wanted to become a diver and those who are just curious.
There are those who start scuba diving knowing that they want to become an instructor, those who are not sure that diving is for them, and just want to try.
There are those who want to study on paper books, underline and take notes, and those who want online books, always at hand, and multimedia contents.
There are those who love reading, those who prefer watching videos. Finally, there are those who prefer (or must, for reasons of time and distance) take online theory lessons and those who want to be in class with the Instructor.

ISDA offers a personalized approach to scuba diving, which adapts to the different needs of each one, including yours.

Choose the diving course with which you want to start your journey in the world of diving:
Discover Scuba Diver
Scuba Diver (release patent)
Open Water Diver (release patent)

The watchword is always SIMPLE & SAFE. Each program takes you on a gradual, safe and fun discover of this fantastic world.

How do you prefer to study?
ISDA offers you the possibility to choose between different solutions.

Traditional theory lessons, with your Instructor. You will be alone or with a small group of students.
The instructor explains the theory topics using ISDA slides and videos and you can ask any questions you want.

It is a method intended for those who will take the diving course on vacation, but do not want to "steal" time from their vacation to study.
So it is better to anticipate the theory lessons and do them online with your Instructor before the holiday. Again with ISDA slides and videos, for an ideal understanding.
When you meet, just do a review, the final exam and... go in the water!

Read the manual, watch the videos, answer the review quizzes and also the self-study quizzes.
Your Instructor will always be available for any questions and clarifications.
Once you complete the modules, you will do a review and the final exam together. And you will go into the water.

Use the new ISDA APP to study. The app offers you updated materials, extra contents, videos. In addition, you will have a real-time correction of quizzes, which allows you to check the manual and clarify unclear topics.
Through the APP you can also chat with ISDA, be updated on events and special offers and receive extra content reserved for users of the APP.

Agree with your Instructor on how to organize the course; all ISDA tools are at your disposal for study and, in the future, to review.