Junior courses
Courses dedicated to kids below 15.
Starting at 12 years (or even at 10, in some cases), kids may become certified divers. Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver and Advanced OWD programs are exactly the same for adults as for kids: same topics, same books, same exercises, same final quizzes.
The final certification, though, is different and allows kids to dive at a lower depth.
Like adults, kids may also access several Specialty courses, such as Mediterranean Naturalist Diver, Coral Reef Naturalist Diver, Action Cam, Underwater Navigation, Buoyancy Control, ISDA Ranger and others.
Junior Courses are available on ISDA App

All ISDA divers receive by email their Digital Certification Card as soon as they finish their course. All Digital Certification Cards are available also online here.