ISDA has three levels of instructors: OWD Instructor, Rescue Instructor and Divemaster Instructor.
The course
The course of Instructors is unique, specifically aimed in learning the teaching techniques and leading a class of students, on and above the consolidation and extra deepener again the theoretical and practical knowledges learned during the previous courses, in particular in the course of Divemaster.

With the instructor course the ISDA professional will access to the level of Instructor OWD and he will be authorized to lead course up to levels Open Water and Advanced OWD.

To be able to certify Rescue Divers, The Open Water Instructor will have to acquire the title of First Aid Instructor to be able to certify his students in courses as BLS-D and Oxygen First Aid. To be able to participate to Rescue course the student should must have first obtained the licenses BLS-D and Oxygen.


Similarly, the Divemaster Instructor must be able to lead his student up to this level which foresee, as a prerequisite, that must have obtained the specialties licenses Nitrox, Night, Deep, Naturalist and Navigation. Must be, therefore, Instructor of five specialties.


The growth from OWD Instructor to Rescue Instructor and then Divemaster doesn’t require the participation to subsequent courses to the Instructor one, but obtaining the licenses of First Aid Instructor to become Rescue Instructor and the license of Instructor of Specialties with the compulsory 5 specialties of the Divemaster.


Certification Prerequisites
  • - 18 years old;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - Divemaster or Assistant Instructor certification;
  • - at least 100 certified dives.
Course program
  • - Verifica delle conoscenze acquisite nei corsi precedenti;
  • - Studio di come si imposta una lezione in aula e in acqua;
  • - Acquisizione delle procedure e degli standard utilizzati in ISDA;
  • - test finale di valutazione.
What you'll get
Tenere corsi fino al livello previsto.
Operare come professionista nel mondo della subacquea.
What's next?
To become a Rescue Instructor will be necessary to obtain the First Aid license. To become a Divemaster Instructor will be necessary obtaining the licenses of Specialties Instructor Nitrox, Deep, Naturalist and Navigation.

It will be possible to enrich his professionality with the license of Specialties Instructor with the various Specialties offered by ISDA: a way to offer to your students the possibilities to follow their underwater passions and to do more and more experiences.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.