ISDA has received UNITER and EUF quality certifications according to international standards:

• ISO 24801-1 - ISDA Scuba Diver
• ISO 24801-2 - ISDA Open Water Diver
• ISO 24801-3 - ISDA Dive Master
• ISO 24802-1 - ISDA Assistant Instructor
• ISO 24802-1 - ISDA OWD Instructor
• ISO 11107 - ISDA Nitrox Diver
• ISO 11121 - ISDA Discover Scuba Diver
• ISO 13293 - ISDA Gas Blender
• ISO 13970 - ISDA Snorkeling Guide

These regulations establish and determine the highest quality and safety standards of ISDA diving courses from Scuba Diver to Instructor. Furthermore, ISDA has reached agreements and obtained recognition from important institutions such as IRC Comunity, Superintendence of the Sea, DAN, ARPA, Italian Red Cross, National Salvation Society and others.
ISDA EUF certification
The mission of EUF is to offer to the international diving community a unified procedure for recognizing the quality of diving teaching services.


EUF Certification Body certification allows educational organizations to prove that their training programs are fully compliant with the quality required by the European Standards for recreational diving services. More information on www.euf-certification.org.


The certification obtained by ISDA formalizes that the standards and didactic procedures of the courses from Scuba Diver to Instructor comply with the standards.