Diving management
“Diving Management” is the first professional course of sales and marketing for schools and dive centers.
The course
If you ask to a baker: what is your job? He will answer you: make bread, and you may think that he can wake up every day at three in the morning and make a very good bread, but then if no one will enter and buy the bread in his bakery, because maybe it is in wrong place or because no one knows it, all his efforts will be worth nothing!

At the Instructor course, they will teach us to teach, how to guarantee safety, the preparation and the quality of the course. In some well-organized organization they teach us some of communication’s techniques and of “continuous education”. But no one will teach us techniques of Sales and Marketing to be applied in our field.

Unfortunately, you could be a fantastic instructor but if you will not have students all your knowledge is worth nothing!


Today’s Instructors, freelance or employed by an ASD, or by a company or self-employed, are in effect all entrepreneurs and as such they must sell their company’s services.


The Scuba Diver Instructor spend a huge amount of money for his formation and training. Years of efforts and fatigue, but if after he will not be able to sell his courses, he will have wasted money and time. If he will be doing another work to earn a salary and he will perform as an Instructor only during his free time, being able to repay only the costs of the diving or of the diving school, he will gain a small part of what he could have earn.


Your job is not give your services for free but sale your service. You could have the best course ever or the best underwater guide of the world but if you do not have anyone to sell it to, then all that quality has not been worth anything.

With the Dive Management course everything could change.
During this course you will see:
  • - how to learn to sell your work (not to perform well, this you are already aware of it);
  • - how to learn how to use new instruments as sales letters with copy secrets, blogs, socials in efficient way;
  • - how to obtain hundreds of new contacts;
  • - how to use the old sales techniques but readapted to new methods ;
  • - how to structure a direct response marketing ;
  • - how to do up selling.
And many others, by applying already experimented solutions which have been proved valid!