The ISDA CONFIGURATION course focuses on the configuration of technical equipment, according to the Hogartian style. Through the exercises you will learn to use it with mastery and fluency.
The course

Each exercise of the course will be repeated over and over again to acquire perfect gestures.

The ISDA Configuration divers understands the importance of continuing constant training, so that the concepts of efficiency, safety, minimalism, redundancy and hydrodynamics will become an integral part of their way of going underwater.

The ISDA Configuration certification is an excellent basis for continuing your technical training.

You can then choose among several tek courses:
• DEEP AIR path, with the Tek Dive, Nitrox Decompression and Deep Air courses
• TRIMIX path, with Trimix One and Trimix Two courses
• SPELEO path, with the courses: Cave and Full Cave
• WRECK path, with Wreck Explorer and Full Cave

Remember Tek certifications, like all ISDA certifications, is available free of charge in digital version. You will receive it via email and you can also, at any time, view it directly online or download it on another device.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.