ISDA, International Scuba Diving Academy, , operates all over the world for the training of recreational and professional divers. Young but already great, it is now present not only throughout Italy, but also in Egypt, Spain, the Maldives, Malta, Santo Domingo, Thailand and Brazil.


Wherever it operates, ISDA offers the guarantee of high standards, both for the quality of its training processes, and in compliance with European and world standards and local legislation on safety.
The certifications
ISDA has received UNITER and EUF quality certifications according to European standards ISO 24801-1/2/3, ISO 24802-1/2, ISO 11107, ISO 11121, ISO 13293 e ISO 13970.


These regulations establish and determine the highest quality and safety standards of ISDA diving courses from Scuba Diver to Instructor.


Furthermore, ISDA has closed agreements and obtained recognition from important institutions such as IRC Comunity, Superintendence of the Sea, DAN, ARPA, Italian Red Cross, National Salvation Society and others.

In 2020 ISDA entered into an agreement with CMAS - through its representative in Italy FIPSAS - by virtue of which:
  • ISDA can train and certify ISDA-CMAS instructors
  • These Instructors can issue ISDA-CMAS patents

The ISDA-CMAS Instructor can issue either ISDA or ISDA-CMAS certifications.

The quality of the teaching materials
ISDA has always focused on the quality of teaching materials. The completeness of the kits, the editorial accuracy of the manuals, which are easy to consult and study, accompanied by photos and color drawings, and the quality of information in the texts are highly appreciated.
In addition to the ARA, Apnea and Tek lines, the extremely broad educational program boasts four Special Courses: Underwater Archeology, created in collaboration with the Superintendence of the Sea of Palermo; Marine Biology, which is enjoying great success and whose manual stands out for the clarity and deepening with which it deals with the subject, as well as for the 80 identification cards; Civil Protection Diver, a new and exciting course, albeit definitely challenging; Scubamaster, a course developed in subsequent modules, which gradually accompany the student into the world of technical diving; Parasub, to open the doors of the fantastic underwater world to everyone.
The projects
ISDA was born from the love for the sea and this does not only mean dealing with training, but also striving to ensure that the sea is experienced in the best way, with respect and always renewed fun and interest.


It is in this perspective that important projects in the field of Ecology and Solidarity are born, involving all the offices of the agency, in Italy and abroad.


As part of the GREEN WAVE PROJECT initiatives, ISDA has signed agreements with various Marine Protected Areas (Biology Diver project) and has created the figure of the ISDA RANGER for the monitoring and protection of the coastal marine ecosystem.


It also organizes seabed cleaning campaigns and civic awareness of respect for the environment.