Deco Diver 40
If the Deep Diver certification is not enough, but you would like to test more challenging dives, then the course Deco Diver 40 will introduce you into the decompression diving.
The course
It is a transitional course between the recreational courses within safety parameters and the technical courses where is possible to extend our limits of time and depth. The course will allow you to dive up to a maximum of 42 meters with decompression up to 15 minutes and by using Nitrox up to 40%. All these by using recreational gear with little modifications.


Remember that the licenses of the Deco Diver 40, like all ISDA licenses, are available free in digital version. You will receive them by email and you could see them directly at all time on ISDA website and downloading them on other device. This to never been forced to give up to adventures, even if you have forgotten your license at home!


Certification Prerequisites
  • - 18 years old;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - Advanced Open Water Diver ISDA ;
  • - Deep Diver ISDA ;
  • - Nitrox Diver ISDA ;
  • - 40 dives minimum, of wich 20 at least exceeding 18 mt depth and 10 at least exceeding 30 mt of depth;
Course program
  • - 4 open water sessions.
What you'll get
To Dive in couple with other diver licensed Deco Diver 40 or upper level and without a supervision, in dives that could forecast decompression stops for a total time of not more 15 minutes at a maximum depth of 40 meters (forecast a depth of 42 meters in case of an error).
What's next?
Join the Deep Air.
ISDA courses are constantly updated and upgraded, ask to your instructor the complete specifications and the last news on the course.